spring cleaning

10 Spring cleaning tips

Spring cleaning time has arrived. Shake out the dust bunnies and open those windows. These 10 tips will help you refresh your home with ease…

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Divorce enters the political arena

Legal expert, Gail Saukas, clues us in on political challenges to no fault divorce across the U.S. and explains why this is important for al…

Why I Run

Why I run

Women from the Gazelle Girl race share what motivates them to run.


A vibrant, fresh curry dish

WOTV 4 women’s living well expert Margaux Drake gives her best curry recipe filled with healthy food options that are in season this Spring.

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Planting native plants for Earth Day

As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day, WOTV4 Women crew member, Michele Fife, shares ideas on keeping your yard green by using plants nativ…