Behind the scenes of Nuclear Cowboyz

One of the performers of Nuclear Cowboyz talks about how he got his start in motocross, and how he stays safe when performing mid-air tricks…

Up close with some wild friends

John Ball Zoo brings some animals in studio to talk about a unique experience coming up at Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Tonight on ABC

The Middle 8:00-8:30pm The Jump” – Frankie is upset over constantly being made fun of by her family, and finds some solace in the unconditio…

Flooring trends your feet will love

Jumping into a new floor can be daunting.  That’s why most people play it safe.  Even if you don’t want to show off your wilder side, there …

Recognizing the signs of bullying

Our expert from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital shows parents how to spot signs of bullying, and what to do about it.

Residency requirements for divorce

Most people who come to the DAWN offices for a divorce consultation have no idea that there is a residency requirement for filing.  You must…

My toddler’s Asthma scare

WOTV 4 Women’s baby blogger shares her son’s journey with Asthma, allergies and everything in between.