Carly Munoz

A cleaner, happier room for baby

WOTV 4 women’s baby expert Carly Munoz shares great tips on how to clean and organize the nursery for a happy, healthier room for baby.

Sleep Safety Tips for New Borns

WOTV 4 women’s baby expert Carly Munoz gives tips on how you new born baby will stay safe while sleeping so you can rest easy.

Teaching mothers to bloom

Program focuses on teaching women that they don’t have to be the perfect parent.

My toddler’s Asthma scare

WOTV 4 Women’s baby blogger shares her son’s journey with Asthma, allergies and everything in between.

How to be organized with a new baby

A new baby means loads of laundry!  There is nothing worse than coming up empty handed when trying to match up all of those tiny baby socks.…

Carly Munoz

Carly Munoz is the WOTV 4 Women crew member focusing on motherhood!  Being a working mom of two is no easy task and Carly chronicles her dai…