Through donations, Holland Hospital’s Care Closet provides clothes to patients in ER

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOTV)-At Holland Hospital,  it is not uncommon to see patients in the Emergency Department without proper warm clothing or in need of a change of clothes following trauma. After recognizing the need to help patients who needed clothing, Cheryl Stewart, RN and Nurse Care Manager in the Emergency Department, started Holland Hospital’s Care Closet. Stewart contacted the Holland Rescue Mission to set up the Care Closet. Since then, the Closet has relied on contributions from hospital employees and generosity from the community. “I never dreamed the Care Closet would have such an impact,” Stewart said. While donating clothing may seem small, it’s the little acts that often make a profound difference.

“We have given clothes to patients who were in car accidents and their clothes had to be cut off them. We have given socks and a winter coat to a homeless person. We have given articles of clothing to patients who’s clothes were soiled. The Care Closet is a blessing to our patients,” said Kimberly Leist, RN.


“I can’t say for sure, but I’d guess it’s been used hundreds of times yearly. To know this simple gesture offers some comfort and expression of ‘you do matter’ is rewarding,” Stewart added. If you’d like to donate to the Holland Hospital Care Closet, donation sites are below.


The Gateway Center (Holland Rescue Mission)

661 East 24th Street; Suite 300
Holland, Michigan 49423


Eagles Nest Resale

985 Butternut Dr

Holland, Michigan 49424

*Please mention donations are for Care Closet at Holland Hospital.

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