Cutting edge technology saving young heart patients

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Heart diseases and conditions don’t happen just to older adults. February is Heart Month, the perfect time to learn about your risk for heart disease. At Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, they are paving the way with cutting-edge technology to help heart patients, young and old. Maranda got a chance to meet 14-year old Christopher Cranson, born with a heart defect called Transposition of the great artery. He had to have open heart surgery when he was just 8 days old.  He comes back to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital regularly for checkups to make sure everything is going well.

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital has great surgical options available for patients of any age. They have state-of-the-art technology including 3-D printers to help treat patients. On this particular day, they showed Maranda a 3-D heart they had created. They are able to create a print of someone’s heart to help better assess what is wrong with the heart and explore treatment options before surgery.

Spectrum Health is also making advancements with their adult congenital heart program as part of the total care program. They tell Maranda more adults living with congenital heart defects than children, so technology is helping to save those lives as well.

There will just be youtube videos for Workplace Walking Challenge

and the Prom Dress Pop-up event.

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