The Bachelor week 7 recap: finding true love in Tuscany

Credit: ABC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – This week’s Bachelor episode takes place in Tuscany, Italy, as if Paris wasn’t romantic enough! There are seven remaining women and the nerves are kicking in, as there are only 4 roses to be given this week, each serving as an invitation to hometown dates. With three one-on-ones, a group date, and no rose ceremony, this is a busy week on The Bachelor.


Becca K. gets the first Tuscany date and she couldn’t be more excited!  Becca K. received the first one-on-one date of the season, and since then, hasn’t gotten much one-on-one time with Arie, so this is the perfect opportunity.  She and Arie have a chill day as tourists, doing regular tourist things.  The date goes well, affirming old feelings for both of them from the first one-on-one. Long-story-short, Arie gives her the rose and she’s going to hometowns.

Back at the House

This week, Jacqueline shocks everyone!  Unfortunately, she’s having doubts.  After expressing them to Kendall, she tells Arie.  In an odd conversation, Jacqueline kind of breaks up with him while also making out with him on-and-off, leaving us very confused.  However, she concludes the conversation telling Arie, “There’s women that are completely confident and knowing that, how can I stay?” Arie responds, “If you have any regret, you come back to me.” Tears.


Much to everyone’s surprise, Lauren got a one-on-one, even though she had one last week.  This week, she and Arie go on a lovely bike ride and explore Italy.  She’s a little more comfortable this week, but still very closed off to Arie, and he notices.  After playing an impromptu soccer game in the streets, he mentions that if things don’t change, he can’t give her a rose.  In the dinner portion of the date, Lauren tells Arie she’s falling in love with him.  Really?!  It certainly didn’t seem like she was, which Arie seems to agree with.  In response, he is speechless and leaves her at the table!  He says he’ll “be right back.” I think most of us can agree that at this point, it was pretty obvious Arie was going to send Lauren home.  Even she thought she was going home, saying “she said too much, too soon.” Well, we were all wrong.  He returns, gives her the rose and says he’s “falling deeply in love with her.”


Seinne gets the last one-on-one of the week.  She and Arie go truffle hunting with an adorable Italian man and his dogs. It goes well, as both Arie and Seinne comment on how natural their conversations are.  Later, they have a traditional Italian meal with an Italian family, who subtly attack the two with questions about love.  Seinne likes how openly the topic is discussed, something she’s not used to. In the dinner portion of the date, Arie surprises Seinne, telling her he’s struggling to find the emotion in the relationship and he sends her home.  She is blindsided.

Group Date

This week’s group date was a three-on-one featuring Arie, Kendall, Bekah M., and Tia.  They have a calm date walking around the beautiful Villa Royale, then splitting up and talking to Arie separately.  Arie pulls Kendall aside first, swiftly dipping and kissing her before talking.  He asks her about her family and hometowns and she tells him she’s open to moving to Scottsdale if their relationship continued past the show.  He then talks to Tia, who surprisingly resorts to gossiping about Bekah M., throwing her under the bus.  She tells Arie that she’s serious about marriage, but Bekah isn’t.  Arie seems unfazed, reassuring Tia that he’s well-aware of Bekah’s age and “inexperience.” Tia tells Bekah what she said to Arie, and she bursts into tears.  Tia tries to console her saying “I feel like I’m your big sister,” only making matters worse.  Bekah goes to Arie, venting and crying, and he tells her not to worry.  He ends up giving the first group date rose to Kendall, which nobody seemed to expect.

The dinner portion of the date is very brief.  Tia toasts to finding love, and Arie pulls her aside first, talking about hometowns again, then talking to Bekah about the same thing.  They both seem confident that they’ll get the rose, but Arie quickly awards it to Tia.  Before giving it to her, he says he is “confident about this decision,” leaving Bekah heartbroken.

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