Best sledding hills in West Michigan


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – I remember the first time my dad took me to Johnson Park’s sledding hill as a kid. He always tells the story of how big of a dare devil I was. Supposedly, I wouldn’t ever ride down the hill normally. Whether it was riding backwards, standing up, or taking a running start, I had to show off to my dad. Though I don’t remember this alter-ego I once had, I do remember how much fun I had with him.

You might leave with rosy cheeks and frozen toes, but it’s worth every memory. Below is a list of 11 sledding hills around West Michigan where you can start creating those magical moments with your family.

Richmond Park

Belknap Park

Union High School

Cascade Township Park

Johnson Park

Rosewood Park (Charlie’s Dump)

Pinery Park

Duncan Park

Sugar Bowl Dune

Bertha Brock Park

Branstrom Park