The Bachelor week 6 recap: things get serious in the city of love

Credit: ABC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – For week six, the women follow Arie to the city of love and romance. While the women enjoy the beautiful Paris venue, their time with Arie is getting more serious. With only nine women left, two one-on-one dates, a group date, and a long-awaited two-on-one date, this week is a dramatic one on The Bachelor.


Lauren B. is awarded the one-on-one date this week.  With a very awkward start to the date, Lauren and Arie walk the streets of Paris silently.  Arie pushes for conversation numerous times, while Lauren simply responds “Wow,” to everything he says.  Although it seemed like the date was going downhill, the dinner portion of the date saved the night.  Lauren opens up to Arie and talks about how her reserved personality is cause of her past relationship, in which she was previously engaged.  He opens up too, revealing that his ex miscarried with his child and she left him when it happened.  Their honest conversation encourages Arie to give her a rose, and she accepts.

Group Date

This week’s group date was a fun one: Becca K, Bekah M, Tia, Chelsea, and Seinne leave the ship where they’ve been staying and meet Arie at the famous Moulin Rouge.  The date consists of dance lessons with the performers. Most of the women are enjoying themselves, except for Tia, who describes herself as “uncoordinated” and “not sexy” while dancing.  After the lessons are over, the women dress in full costume, catwalk the stage for Arie, and then leave for a little cocktail party.  Since there’s only five women on the date, they each have plenty of time to talk to Arie.  Their goal is to get the rose, not only for the obvious reason of staying, but for the chance to perform onstage that night with Arie and the rest of the Moulin Rouge cast.  Bekah M. receives the group date rose and the extra time with Arie onstage.


Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a two-on-one date.  The date card lists Krystal, to nobody’s surprise, and Kendall, the taxidermist.  It was surprising, however, how excited Krystal was for this date, almost as if she wanted a two-on-one.  Kendall tells Krystal she “doesn’t know how to feel about this date,” and Krystal responds “it is what it is,” along with a medley of evil laughs.  Notable Krystal quotes during this interaction: “I’m really confident about this date,” “I’m 99% sure Kendall will be sent home,” “I mean it’s not even a competition.”

Anyway, the ladies go on the date with Krystal’s confidence and Kendall’s nerves, and it is AWKARD, but aren’t all two-on-ones?  They go to a French chateau built in the 1600s and tour the building, then compete in a maze race outside, where Arie hides and the two women race to find him.  Krystal wins.  They then go to a romantic table for three, and Arie pulls Krystal aside.  They talk about their fight last week the entire time.  Even though they kiss, it feels forced, which Krystal must’ve noticed, as she quickly throws Kendall under the bus and tells Arie that Kendall’s not ready for marriage. Arie tells Kendall what Krystal said, and she confronts Krystal in a very mature way.  Surprisingly compassionate, she tries to bond with Krystal, telling her she has empathy for her and that she’s “beautiful.”

The date continues that night at a romantic dinner with a phenomenal view of the Eiffel Tower.  Arie thankfully gives Kendall the rose and sends Krystal home. Finally.


Jacqueline surprised us with her witty personality this week.  She describes her experience getting the date-card as “being given a pony for Christmas, except if you don’t learn to ride the pony, it gets shot.” She and Arie start the date in a car which breaks down.  Jacqueline is impressed by his knowledge of “car stuff.” Despite his knowledge of cars, they are unable to fix it and take a taxi into the city. They go on a shopping spree followed by a romantic dinner.  Arie admits to Jacqueline that he was intimidated by her at the beginning of the season, worrying that she was too smart for him. Although she has dreams of a doctorate degree and he wants to remain in Scottsdale, he gives her a rose.

Rose Ceremony

There’s no cocktail party this week, which makes for a fast elimination. Lauren B, Bekah M, Kendall, and Jacqueline already have roses. Arie gives the remaining roses to Tia, Seinne, and Becca K, sending Jenna and Chelsea home.

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