How to determine that you are hiring the right candidate for your company


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Trying to make the perfect hire? One of the most important things to remember when choosing the right candidate is are they able to grow and evolve? Ask them about their experience with change in their previous roles and ways they’ve been able to embrace a new way of thinking. Remember, you are hiring the individual… not the skills. Ask yourself, is this person someone I want on my team that I trust? Your gut will help you decide.

For instance…

Is your candidate highly adaptive? Change is constant in organizations these days.  Is your candidate able to grow and evolve.  What has been their experience w/ change in their previous roles?  Can they embrace new way of thinking?

Do they ask a lot of questions and are they enthusiastic about people, relationships, and learning?  Did your candidate ask a lot of questions in the interview and seem excited to learn and gain knowledge?  Positive/enthusiastic people are infectious in the workplace.  This creates a great work environment which in turn creates more productivity from your entire team.

Soft Skills SELL!!! Remember, you are hiring the individual, not the skills.  Is this candidate someone you want on your team?  Skills and ability are extremely important, but nobody ever has all of the skills for the job, or are perfectly qualified.  So ask yourself, “is this person someone I trust to do the right thing?  Do they have values and baits you respect?”  Your GUT will help you decide this! 

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