3 ways to please your picky eater

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- What’s for dinner?  This common question gets complicated when kids get picky!  Trying to find a meal that works for the whole family can sometimes leave you surfing Pinterest for hours and ready to pull your hair out.  My 3-year-old and 6-year-old are in a phase where they only want the basics like pizza, tacos, spaghetti (no sauce) and not much else.  Here’s a few ways I getting tricky!

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Ways to satisfy picky eaters

1- Get your kids involved in the cooking process

If your kid loves to help put them to work.  Having them prep foods they’ve never tried before will give them ownership of the dish and will get them excited to try their masterpiece! Start with foods you feel confident they’ll like once they take a bite!

2-Introduce new foods alongside of familiar favorites

When you’re trying to introduce new foods to a picky eater don’t do it all at once!  Give them some choices of items they already love but then add in something new.  Sometimes consistently putting a new food on their plate will do the trick eventually!  Just because you don’t like something today doesn’t mean you won’t like it tomorrow!

3- Try a new food day!

Sometimes I pump up the idea that it’s “try a new food day!”  This is a day where we have to try a new food at every meal, even if it’s just a bite!  The kids find this approach fun and funny and even if they don’t like it we high five and make a big scene to keep things exciting.

For more kid-friendly favorites check out my Pinterest board


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