Cold school lunch ideas for picky eaters

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- If it isn’t hard enough to figure out what’s for dinner all week long many of us moms are pulling our hair out to satisfy picky eaters for their daily cold lunch.  I have a pre-schooler and a kindergartener and at this age my kids don’t like much.  The three-year-old changes her mind by the minute on what’s “yummy” and what’s “disgusting”.  I can barely keep it straight.

Many people would say, “eat or stave”, which I understand but I’m just not that mom.  Maybe I creating mini monsters but I keep trying and doing the best I can.  If you have picky eaters I’m sure you understand what I mean.

I’ve been experimenting with lots of ideas for both of my kiddos this school year and come up with a few fun things to share. Due to the rising number of children with peanut allergies the days of the good ol’ PB & J are gone.  My kids also aren’t into “meat & cheese sandwiches” so now what?

Lunch packing secrets

Order a thermos.  I repeat…. order a thermos.  If you have Amazon Prime (like most savvy moms do) you’ll have your secret lunch packing weapon in two days! The key is to boil or microwave water and fill the thermos, put on the lid and let it warm up for 5 minutes. Then empty it, dry it and add your hot food and seal right away.

I’m including a link to the one’s I’ve purchased because I’ve had great luck with them.  No leaks, stays hot, fits in the lunchbox and the kids can actually get them open.

Girl’s Thermos

Boy’s Thermos

Okay, so what do I put in this magical thermos you ask?  Here’s some big hits in our house!

Thermos lunch ideas

-Scrambled eggs and bacon

-Corn dog nuggets with a side of ketchup

-Baked chicken nuggets and tater tots

-Character themed chicken soup

-Kraft mac n’ cheese

Looking for more fun lunch ideas!  I’ve been compiling a Pinterest board all school year.  Enjoy!

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