The Bachelor week 4 recap: Glam-shaming and a taxidermy’s dream date

Credit: ABC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- It’s week 4 on The Bachelor and that means packing up your bags and traveling the world with Arie, on his search for love. However, since the budget was all used up on Becca K’s Cinderella date in week 2, the ladies start their travels with a two-hour trip to Lake Tahoe.

One-on-one date with Seinne

Credit: ABC

The first one-on-one date this week goes to Yale-graduate Seinne. Although they go parasailing, their date feels brief and boring. Seinne is gorgeous, well-educated, level-headed, and not emotionally damaged, but somehow Arie always looks uninterested when she talks, despite how many times he says that he likes it that she’s “well-traveled.” After Arie gives Seinne the rose, the date ends with a typical Bachelor-esque ending: the two of them dancing on a raised platform during a concert while people take pictures of them. Being forced to dance in front of a crowd on your first date seems more awkward than romantic, but let’s move on to the group date where the girls are taken to the wilderness for survival training.

Group date in the wilderness

Training that includes peeing in a water bottle and then drinking it – or at least coming very close to it. Arie thinks it was hilarious to trick the girls into believing he drank his own pee, but later admitting it was only apple juice. If you thought almost drinking your own pee was gross, this date is not for you. Many of the girls, except for Kendall the taxidermy-lover who was in her element, were not happy with the other survival training challenges that included eating worms and maggots and splitting up into different groups to locate their special destination, which was none other than a hot tub! You cannot watch a season of The Bachelor without a hot tub scene.

However, tensions rise when Tia and Caroline make a joke in the hot tub, causing Krystal to feel victimized. Although it turns into an unnecessary fight, the ladies showcase their talents throughout the night with their spot-on Krystal impressions. Even though Krystal tells Arie how hurt she is, he ends up giving Tia his group date rose for being “vulnerable,” triggering Krystal’s insecurities to escalate.

One-on-one date with Bekah

Credit: ABC

With one lady remaining, the second one-on-one date goes to 22-year-old Bekah. After Arie says how impressed he is by Bekah’s “maturity” on their horseback riding date, they set off to a romantic dinner where Bekah blurts out her real age. Clearly taken back, Arie responds, “Oh my god, 22, you’re so young,” and shares his worries that she’s not ready for marriage. Even though he tells her he’s boring and asks if she likes to go out anymore, Bekah avoids the question and tells him she gets up early on Saturdays to go climbing with her friends. Okay…

Although Bekah is clearly too young for 36-year-old Arie, he still gives her the rose. Arie says he wants a mature wife who will accompany him on visits to his parents’ house every other day. However, the majority of these ladies are in their twenties.

The rose ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison surprises the women by announcing Arie will not be having a cocktail reception. Not being able to talk with Arie leads to Krystal stopping the rose ceremony and asking to steal a quick moment with Arie, infuriating the other ladies. However, the short conversation worked since Arie gave her the final rose, sending Caroline and Brittany home. However, it’s not all bad news because Marikh finally got her 15 seconds of fame at the end of the episode, introducing the world to an important concept: glam-shaming.

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