How to: have a stylish home in 2018

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Wondering what stylish homes will look like in 2018? Patnone, the color authority turned trend forecaster, says homeowners in the know will be flashing some fringe, craving natural elements like wood and using some intense colors – still in smaller doses.

GEOMETRIC PATTERNS are very approachable and easy to use. Backsplash, wallpaper, wall art for a single focus wall.  OR go bold and wallpaper your entire bedroom.  OR start small with pillows or geometric throws.

TYPOGRAPHY: framed art saying “EAT”, pillows with words – it’s all around us. Messaging on home goods is just another extension of social media.  It will remain more of a complementary item, living in smaller touches like pillows and art.

WOOD TREATMENTS: With so much technology constantly surrounding us, we’ll crave more natural elements like wood.  Expect to see it in unexpected places like ceilings and on walls.  Smaller things like lamps and pots for our greenery and other hand-carved items offer a simple, yet powerful element.

FRINGE: We’re currently seeing it in decorative pillows and throws, but expect to see it popping up on smaller ottomans or footstools. And of course, fringe works well on window treatments, even light fixtures!

METALLICS: Metallics can anchor your room or you can use touches of it throughout. Coffee tables, dining tables and sofa tables certainly anchor a space while a lamp shade and pillows laced with gold threads give it a more artistic flair.

IRIDESCENT ACCENTS: will certainly give your room a more futurist look.  While this newer trend does tend to be a more expensive trend (think tables and larger decorative pieces) you can add your own flair with smaller tile backsplash or throw pillows.

INTENSE COLORS: Intense colors seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyle, such as Sherwin Willianms color of the year called Oceanside.

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