The Bachelor week 3 recap: the women wrestle for Arie’s love

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It’s Week 3 and Arie’s getting serious about finding true love. With two group dates and a one-on-one, Arie sends two women home before the Rose Ceremony!

Week 3 starts with a group date inspired by 1980s show “GLOW” (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). While practicing in a wrestling ring with two former GLOW women, Bibiana and Krystal couldn’t handle the intensity and ended up in tears. Would it really be a group date if it didn’t have some crying? Anyways, the ladies continued the date, creating alter egos including “Sex Kitten,” “The Lunch Lady,” and “Bridezilla,” then wrestled each other. Bekah described the activities as “weirdly sexual,” which pretty much sums up the rest of the group date.

Later that night, the girls fight for Arie’s time at the cocktail party. Krystal steals Arie first, striking yet another fire in Bibiana. Krystal proceeds to steal Arie from girls numerous times through the night, painting a clear target on her back. Despite her aggressive efforts, after a quick chat with Chelsea, Krystal declares that she will be even more aggressive than she already is. The night ends with Arie giving the group date rose to Bekah M., and Krystal is furious.

The next date consists of a one-on-one with Lauren S. at Hall Winery. Despite her relaxing date, sipping wine and chilling with Arie, she says she’s really nervous. Her nerves take over, as she responds to Arie’s questions with endless babbling and random comments.  She says “I don’t even know who I am,” and “This date is a wreck.” Proving herself right, Arie sends her home.

No rose for Lauren S.

The third date of the week is another drama-filled group date! This time with dogs – yay! Most women are excited to practice tricks with cute dogs, but not surprising to anyone, Annaliese has “childhood trauma” with dogs and is not excited to face yet another fear. She becomes the designated “pooper-scooper” for the dog show and the rest of the ladies participate, struggling to get the dogs to listen to them. Although the date was awkward, Arie says he’s happy the ladies were a good sport, and awards the group date rose to Chelsea.

Pre-Rose Ceremony, there’s another cocktail party filled with bad luck for Annaliese and Bibiana. Annaliese feels like she isn’t as far along in her relationship with Arie, because she hasn’t kissed him yet. She addresses her concern with him, and just like every moment in Bachelor history where someone asks permission to kiss the Bachelor, he denies her. Later, she asks him if he sees a future with her and he tells her he doesn’t.

Goodbye Annaliese.

Bibiana’s night goes terribly, as she sets up a romantic star-gazing bed outside, only to be used by every woman except her. She spends the night complaining to the other girls about not having time with Arie.

The night ends with a rose ceremony, where Arie gives roses to Caroline, Kendall, Ashley, Lauren, Brittany, Becca K., Seinne, Krystal, Tia, Maquel, Jenna, Jacqueline, and Marikh. Bibiana, despite her grand efforts, is sent home.  Although sad, she says “You can’t force something that’s not there.”

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