Ice fishing 101

Ryan, 16, ice fishing on Hackert Lake

SCOTTVILLE, Mich. (WOTV) Getting together in the great outdoors is an activity that can bring family members closer. Maranda joins the Bradshaw family as they go ice fishing on Hackert Lake.

Some of the tools needed to go ice fishing include an ice fishing rod, a flasher to see where the fish are, and a tip up to set out bait. Fishers augur a hole in the ice and wait for the fish to bite. A shanty provides a seat and some relief from the wind and cold.

When the catch is in, it’s time to clean and cook the fish. Frying up some fish and getting together for a good meal is a great way to make time for family time.

If you want to expose your kids to the fun of ice fishing, February 14 and 15 is Free Fishing Weekend in Michigan. All fishing license fees are waived for Saturday and Sunday to allow anyone to enjoy fishing on both inland and Great Lakes waters for all species of fish. All fishing regulations still apply.

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