Seeing double and triple – meet our multiples!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) Maranda is seeing double and even triple in her studio today. That’s because the entire show is focused on multiples.  Maranda got a chance to talk with several mothers, and even a father, about the challenges of raising multiples. One local organization in West Michigan offering help to parents of multiples is GRMOMS, they offer education, support and friendship.

Rhonda Brink is a social worker at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. She offers advice to parents of multiples, not just from a professional standpoint, but  the fact that she has twin daughters of her own.

Maranda got the chance to talk with Meredith and Audrey VanEssen, a set of twins who are now both attending college. They grew up in a unique family – they are the 2nd set of identical twin girls in their family.

Maranda gave the parents of multiples a chance to ask our expert some questions.

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