Family fun ideas in Kalamazoo

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Maranda takes the show on the road to Kalamazoo today.  Her first stop: The Kalamazoo Valley Museum. It’s a place that’s always changing and evolving, there’s something for everyone and it’s always free! There’s something new at the museum, The Innovation Gallery, a brand new science experience. There’s also an innovation lab and a think-space.

Next, Maranda got a chance to visit a special place in the museum that’s not open to the public, the museum’s Collections Storage Area. It’s where they store all of the museum’s artifacts that are not currently on display.

During winter break, why not keep your children engaged. The perfect place to visit is Air Zoo. During her visit she got a chance to learn about a science experiment you can try at home.

Winter Break Family Fun Days at Air Zoo

Get out of the cold and join the fun at the Air Zoo during our Family Fun Days! Every Wednesday through Friday during winter break, there will be special activities for the family. And don’t miss our New Year’s Eve Fest on Sunday, December 31st. Cost is $2 per participating child. Winter Holidays Around the World: The cold winter months are a popular time for parties and celebrations. Learn about cultures and traditions around the world as you play the Jewish dreidel game, participate in a Chinese dragon parade, and more!

Maranda also got to visit Miller Auditorium during her visit to Kalamazoo. There’s two great shows coming up: The Sound of Music and The Lion King.

The Sound of  Music: Feb. 9-11

The Lion King: April 4-15


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