10 families treated to ultimate holiday shopping night with Maranda

Generous local partners come together to give back to West Michigan families in need at Meijer

Credit: Mike Buck

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Ten families received a Christmas present they’ll never forget thanks to Maranda’s Caring for Families event with Meijer and Bethany Christian Services. Every year, Bethany Christian Services identifies families that are in need during the holiday season, and often are new to the United States. Along with Bethany and Meijer, Maranda joined forces with Craig’s Cruisers, Fifth Third Bank, the West Michigan Whitecaps, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids First and CARE Ballet to give these families a night of food, entertainment, and shopping.

The night began with pizza thanks to Craig’s Cruisers as Maranda spoke with Dona Abbott from Bethany Christian Services about the families that were chosen and Phil Morrow from Meijer about the importance of this event to Meijer. She also chats with other joining partners about the opportunity to help families in need and their excitement for the night ahead.

After dinner, families were then treated to a special performance of “The Night Before Christmas” by the CARE Ballet. The performance is a staple in the nights activities and Maranda speaks with the dancers about why they love dancing and coming out to the event. Then, it was time to get shopping! Maranda caught up with a few families as they made their way through the store as they looked for some cold weather essentials.

The shopping continues as families shop for winter necessities, food and toys for their kids for Christmas.

It’s time to check out! Maranda catches up with families and partners as they wrap up the night with carts full of new clothes and toys preparing them for Christmas. A big thank you to all of the partners who made the night possible.

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