Movies to stream this holiday season

What better way to escape the cold and get in the holiday spirit than to curl up on the couch next to a warm fire with hot cocoa in your hands and a classic Christmas movie on the television. Here are some of the best holiday movies to stream this season, in no particular order.

1. White Christmas – Available on Netflix

2. Bad Santa – Available on Netflix

3. Krampus – Available on HBO GO or HBO NOW

4. A Christmas Carol – Available on Amazon

5. The Miracle on 34th Street – Available on Amazon

6. Gremlins – Available on Netflix

7. The Holiday – Available on Hulu

8. A Nightmare Before Christmas – Available on Netflix

9. Christmas with the Kranks – Available on Hulu

10. A Very Murray Christmas – Available on Netflix

11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Available on Netflix

12. Jingle All the Way – Available on Amazon

13. A Christmas Tale – Available on Hulu

14. Dear Santa – Available on Netflix

15. The Muppet Christmas Carol – Available on HBO GO or HBO NOW

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