5 questions to ask before beginning your remodeling project

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – While there is no way to guarantee the perfect experience, there are a number of questions you should ask both the dealer and about the installer.

Details to follow:

  1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS? Well established companies are often successful and are concerned about repeat business. BTW – Standale Interiors has been in business for 65 years!
    • If flooring, pad/underlayment and installation?
    • If cabinetry, counter tops and back splash?
    • Are upgrades available? If so, at what stage of the process and at additional cost?
    • Is there a charge for moving furniture or appliances?
  3. WHAT ARE THE WARRANTY TERMS? For every product category, there are a number of warranties for finish, wear, installation. Get all the details you can.
  4. ARE THE INSTALLERS LICENSED AND BONDED? ANYONE that performs work in your home should be licensed and bonded. This will protect both the installer and yourself if there are ANY issues during installation. The dealer and/or installers should be able to provide some photos and/or recommendations of past installations.
    • Standale Interiors flooring installers and licensed and bonded and work only for us.
    • Sub-contractors who install cabinetry Standale Interiors sell are licensed and bonded and we will recommend ONLY those that we have a good work history and experience with.
  5. HOW LONG WILL THE JOB TAKE? We will do our best to give you a REALISTIC time frame. Let’s face it. We know that during the installation process, your room/house will more than likely be unusable. (You might end up doing dishes in your bathtub, creating an outdoor kitchen for the summer or moving into the basement or in with your in-laws!) And there are always things out of our control. (Two years ago, all SHAW flooring shipments were delayed for one week due to flooding in Georgia!) And quite honestly, we’d rather surprise you with an earlier completion date!

Hope this information has been helpful because this is 4 YOU! Visit www.standaleinteriors.com for more information or call us at 616.453.8201 or toll free 877.785.6325.