Elevate your mood and refresh your body with this breathing exercise

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Darker winter season can weigh on your heart and your mind. Pick things up with a breathing practice designed to elevate the mood and refresh the body/mind.

Start standing with knees soft and arms hanging by your side. Take a short inhale, about 1/3 of your lungs capacity and repeat this 2 more times.  It is like – sniff, sniff, sniff, quickly!  The arms move with the breath almost like a conductor.  Then exhale the air out though the mouth while swinging arms forward and if comfortable for your body bending forward at the same time.  Repeat this breath and movement 3, 5, up to 9 times.  Then just stop and stand, notice.  Close your eyes and breath normally and simply observe yourself as you are.  Lift the outer corners of your mouth.  Open your eyes and begin your day again with a fresh and contented perspective.

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