5 tips to maximize your movie theater experience

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-  The smell of popcorn, the giant screen, the surround sound, there’s nothing like seeing a movie at the theater. So, to maximize ease and fun for your next family outing, Jenny Garone from Celebration! Cinema shares her best advice!

Celebration Cinema’s Guide to a great experience

1. Sign up for C! Rewards – this is Celebration! Cinema’s rewards and benefits program. Every time you see a movie, you’ll earn points for all ticket, food and beverage purchases. This will allow you to save on future purchases along with bonus surprise rewards along the way!

2. Use the Celebration! Cinema app for your smartphone – the app allows you to look up movie times, upcoming showtimes and trailers. You can also reserve your tickets right from your phone.

3. Bottomless Popcorn – the refillable popcorn buckets have a usage window of 6 months. After purchase, that’s 6 months of free popcorn.

4. Sensory Showtimes – A great movie series for those who have sensory issues. The lights are up and the sound is down to accommodate everyone.

5.Oscar’s – Celebration! Cinema now have an enhanced food and beverage menu which includes pizza’s, salads and desserts. They can also deliver your food right to your seat.

Upcoming showtimes- click here


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