Jordan’s picks: CMA fashion hits and misses from the red carpet

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Jordan Carson is playing Fashion Police… CMA style! Anytime you’re getting together thousands of stars, there’s bound to be some great hits and some epic fails. Take a look at this year’s country throw down for best dressed; plus, who just didn’t make the cut.

Best dressed, as told by Jordan

Carrie Underwood

“Not only did Carrie Underwood change wardrobe 11 times during the award show, she rocked every look. Royal blue is one of my favorite colors. The feminine ruffled detail, paired with the mermaid cut, made this one of my absolute favorite looks on the red carpet.” – Jordan Carson


Karlie Kloss

“Showstopper! I would never choose this dress for myself, but when Karlie waked past me on the red carpet-all eyes were on her. Not only is she a 6-foot statuesq supermodel, but she radiated confidence and appeared to be simply gliding across the red carpet. Absolutely beautiful!” – Jordan Carson


Danielle Bradbury

“Danielle looked stunning. When I saw Danielle on the red carpet, I had to sang an interview. She pulled off the ‘Angelena Jolie leg’ perfectly. It was subtle yet sexy.” – Jordan Carson


Worst dressed, as told by Jordan

Hillary Scott

“I don’t like saying anything negative about someone’s red carpet look. After all, they believed they looked good when they walked out the door for such an important event. HOWEVER, this dress…why? It seems to be fall velvet material with a summer cut paired with our favorite wallpaper pattern from grandma’s house.” – Jordan Carson


Maren Morris

“This dress! …I can’t even comment.” – Jordan Carson



“Once again, velvet jumpsuits are a no, ladies. This is not flattering on anyone. The front of the garment is pulled up in all the wrong places. The plunge is nearly at the belt line, and the red platform sandal is yet another no-no. Just NO, Madeline.” – Jordan Carson