The truth behind homelessness

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – People usually don’t become homeless because they run out of money; they become homeless when they run out of relationships.

The guests staying at Mel Trotter Ministries often tell us they feel invisible and alone. Therefore, the key to ending homelessness is community.

Friendship ministry is an opportunity to be in relationship with a program guest in a the role of cheerleader and encourager. Often, we find that people become homeless, not because of a lack of income (at least not at first) but because of a lack of positive, encouraging and healthy relationships.

Volunteering as a part of the Friendship Ministry at Mel Trotter Ministries is an important opportunity for those with stability in their lives to be an encourager for those seeking housing, sustainable income, healthy family relationship and strong community bonds.

Participants in Friendship Ministry must be strong, patient, kind and persistent. Most of all, they need believe in the worth and value of all human beings… understanding that God has a purpose for all people.

Friendship ministry is not about investigating, fixing or making the person exactly like us, but it’s an opportunity to help a someone grow into the person God made intended for them to be.

We believe that every person is made in the image of God.

Everyone has untapped potential.

Every person has their own brand of greatness.

Every person has a purpose in this world.

Every person has dignity and that dignity should be respected and nurtured through healthy encouragement.

Every person’s best days are out in front of them despite current circumstances.

Every person grows stronger someone is willing to walk alongside them.

Friendship Ministry encourages someone who is facing homelessness to grow into greatness.

If you or your church would like to be a part of friendship ministry, please contact Leonard McElveen at or call 616-588-8703.

More volunteer opportunities can be found at:

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