“Fuel Up to Play 60” with Milk Means More and the Detroit Lions

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Maranda recently made the trip to Ford Field in Detroit to join Milk Means More as they hosted “Fuel Up to Play 60”, a physical activity program launched by the National Dairy Council that encourages kids to lead healthier lifestyles and to get active. The event brought out over 200 students representing 33 schools from across the state for a day of hands-on education and activity. The day began with kids eating a healthy breakfast with a focus on dairy – fresh fruit, muffins with a yogurt glaze, a yogurt parfait and milk to properly fuel kids to play. Maranda also caught up with one of the events speakers, Rodney Page, a DJ & Violinist and spoke with him about his message for kids.

Milk Means More’s dedication to keeping kids healthy and instilling the importance of dairy in one’s diet goes even further, thanks to their partnership with the Detroit Lions. Maranda was able to catch up with former Detroit Lions’ wide-receiver, Herman Moore, linebacker, Tahir Whitehead and tight-end, Eric Ebron about the importance of the event and their message to remain confident in every phase of life but most importantly, to have fun. Maranda also spoke with the Detroit Lions education team about the workouts kids will be participating in. Then it was time for the kids to hit the field!

As kids are running around Ford Field with the Detroit Lions, Maranda introduces us to the Wardin family, a family of dairy farmers. Carla tells us about what it’s like for her family to run their very own farm and how farming has changed over the years. Carla also, is a runner, and just completed the Chicago marathon. She details how it’s been possible due to her dairy diet and fueling up after a race with chocolate milk. Maranda also introduces us to some members of the Future Farmers of America who help put the program together!

Maranda hits the field to workout with the kids and chat with them about what they’ve enjoyed so much about the day. She also speaks with Milk Means More’s President of the Board about why this event means so much to him and the kids.

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