Daycare center merges early childhood and senior care

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Today, we’re discussing a daycare center that’s merging both early childhood and senior care.

>>> Take a look in the video above.

Hill Child Development Center is pleased to announce that they will be participating in the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) during the 2015- 2016 school year!

The Great Start Readiness Program is a tuition-free, state grant funded preschool program for at-risk four-year-old students.  The program requires children to be age four by October 1.

This program is designed to promote the development of the total individual by helping each child to develop skills in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas.  This is accomplished by providing a balanced program that includes both teacher-directed and child initiated activities, quiet as well as active experiences, and the recognition that learning occurs in both formal and informal settings, especially through play.

Please visit for more information and to sign up to see if you qualify. If you are interested in having your child participate in this program at Hill Child Development Center, please use the unique code BR8PHE under the 2015-2016 District/ Agency Login area. Be sure to select Great Start Readiness Program, and on the last page CBO as the agency and Hill Child Development Center as the site.

To apply by phone or if you have questions about this process, you can call the Preschool Intake phone line at (616) 447-2409.

You may also apply by mail.  Send this application in English or Spanish to:
2930 Knapp St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

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