Maranda celebrates the art of nature

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – In this ArtPrize special, Maranda celebrates the Art of Nature! Maranda opens the show with a big opening number from the Forest Hills Central Marching band. She then chats with Brush Studio about the importance of art and for children as they also brought out paint and easels to paint a pumpkin portrait.

Maranda also chats with one of WOTV’s idol contestants about her upcoming performance!

Watch WOTV Idol’s top 10 perform:

The Forest Hill Central High School Marching Band take the stage once again and perform a number from their upcoming Bandtasia Show. Maranda talks with the band members about what they like about being in a marching band.

Maranda checks in to see the progress on the kids’ pumpkin portraits with Brush Studio and introduced us to an ArtPrize entry from Bethany Christian Services with a very special meaning. Take a look in the video above.

The Pierce Cedar Creek Institute has just opened a brand new all-natural playground for kids, and Sara Lien Edelman shared the nuances of its construction. There is even a formal ribbon cutting happening at the institute!

We also get a look at another Youth Collaboration Award entry from kids in Bryon Center and their piece, “A Pleasant Peninsula”.

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