ArtPrize with Maranda: “Step up for Down Syndrome”, “Seven Reasons to Live” and more

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – New City Kids’ mission is “Loving for change. To create a community of academic leadership… musical and spiritual development.” Their vision is to walk with a child from age six to 19 and to be an advocate, family, teacher, and mentor to that child. One of their vehicles to do that, is through music.

See their performance in the video above.

Also in this segment, Maranda was able to chat with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital about a special campaign they’re in the middle of. It’s called High Five For Kids, and all you have to do is post an encouraging message, video, or photo using the hash tag #HighFiveForKids to share with patients in the hospital.

Learn more:

Dr Carolyn King and Melissa Vander Laan from Pine Rest joined Maranda to talk about the art of making masks, and how it is a great emotional exercise.

How so? Creating a mask assists in healing by reflecting on the different masks we create/wear to reveal or conceal feelings that are difficult or confusing to express. Additionally, this intervention can be used to create a new outlook by focusing on how one desires to feel and explore how that might look to them.

Learn more in the video above!

Next, Maranda talked with the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan about this weekends “Step Up for Down Syndrome” walk at the John Ball Zoo.

The walk will take place Saturday, September 30 from 8:30am – 11:30am.


Casey Jones was also able to cover a special ArtPrize entry that allowed individuals with disabilities to create art – “Zot Artz Experience”. The participants attached a device which included a roller that applied paint to a stencil, which rolled as their wheelchair moved, laying down a design on paper.

Learn more:

Maranda introduces “Courage to Make my Mark”. Take a look at all these courageous ArtPrizers!

Last but certainly not least, Maranda had the chance to talk with Yohan Daza, an ArtPrize artist and Youth Worker at Wedgwood Christian Services.

His piece, “Seven Reasons to Live”, is in response to the book and television series, “13 Reasons Why”.

Learn more:

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