Animal themed fun at ArtPrize Nine

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It’s the first week of ArtPrize Nine, and Maranda went down to check out all the fun!

First, Maranda sits down with Allison Lemerand, a face painter, from the John Ball Zoo who begins a young girls transformation into a butterfly.

Maranda also chats with ArtPrize artist, Aaron Zenz, who’s ArtPrize entry, “Monsters Go” collaborates with hundreds of kids from around the state.

Learn more about “Monsters Go”:

Maranda even was able to draw up an imaginary monster of her own and let’s Aaron get to work!

Next, Rebecca from Priority Health shares some tips as to how families can make ArtPrize a healthy exercise in addition to seeing art.

Maranda also was able to chat with Melody VanderWeide of GR Kids to tell us about an animal themed ArtPrize scavenger hunt that families can download and find animal art. More info for that.

Learn more about ArtPrize scavenger hunt:

Another ArtPrize artist whose entry is made entirely out of ink, is Beth Clayton – She quickly show’s Maranda a taste what it’s like to draw with ink.

Maranda also gives us a look at ArtPrize’s new Youth Collaboration Award category, a new way for students under the age of 18 to participate. It offers any school or eligible non-profit educational organization serving students kindergarten through twelfth grade the opportunity to enter a piece, with the help of an adult, a chance to compete for the $5,000 prize. Here, Maranda show’s us the “You Be You” entry from kids from Hudsonville Public Schools.

Maranda checks back in with Allison Lemerand and her transformation of painting the girls face a butterfly. She also chats with Rhiannon Mulligan from the John Ball Zoo who brought along their Screech Owl and shared how certain animals can and can’t see color.

What you can win?

Enter our contest to win an ArtPrize Nine tote, scooter, PNC piggy bank, and a $25 Visa Gift Card.

Learn more about the contest:

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