How divorced parents can manage their child’s busy fall schedule

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It’s back to school time, and medical appointments and extra-curricular activities for minor children are an important issue when two parents separate and are co-parenting children.

Each case is unique and built around different circumstances and your Legal Custody order will dictate how your circumstances are handled. In general, when either parent schedules a medical appointment for the minor child, sending a text message or email regarding the event immediately keeps both parties informed and out of court. Always attempt to update the other parent on any medication issues or diagnosis to ensure your child stays healthy with both parents. If your child is in an extra-curricular activity, sending over the calendar of events along with the coaches contact information is important. Always make sure that both parties are named on the coach’s email list in order for them to directly communicate with the other parent. This way, they can get any information from the coach that they need and can attend the event if they are available.

Our Family Wizard may be a good resource for parties who are having difficulties communicating all of the information between the parties. Find out more information at

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