Relaxing shoulder stretch to improve your posture

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Most of us are guilty when it comes to rolling the shoulders forward. Aside from its adverse effects on our breathing this also can cause injury to the head, neck and shoulders. First, it’s great to become aware of our posture and strive to keep the shoulders back and the head and neck in line with the shoulders, so that is step one! But I would also like to share a relaxing shoulder stretch with you to open up the muscles of the upper chest and ease those shoulder blades back where they belong.

Start lying on your stomach with right arm outstretched and left hand on floor near shoulder, face to left. Now roll the pelvis to the right, stacking left hip on top of right.  You can let the right knee bend a little or a lot so that the foot comes to the floor.  You can even place both feet on the floor if the body moves this way easily and this provides you with a deeper stretch. Stay here for several breaths or several minutes before trying the other side.

We are always a work in progress so it is never to late to start taking care of your posture, and taking better care of your Self!

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