Cancer patients receive free ‘Crowns of Courage’ and boost of confidence

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-For people who have or have had Cancer-the treatments can result in changes to a patient’s appearance and confidence. So a local business, and several volunteers have come together to create a community of strength-and give back the beauty they feel they’ve lost. Click video above to watch.

*Additional footage courtesy: JEJ3 Films

Beautiful You by Profile Salon provides complimentary salon and spa services to people recently diagnosed with Cancer. On the second Monday of each month, any Cancer patient can receive two complimentary professional salon and spa services. (By appointment only). Services are free to those recently diagnosed with Cancer, or those undergoing chemo/radiation treatments. Services can be rendered for up to twelve months after a patient’s last treatment. Beautiful You by Profile is located at 4643 Alpine Ave., Suite Comstock Park, Michigan 49321. For appointments, call (616) 784-1819.


About Happy Henna

*Model: Lisa Fredricks

The owner of Happy Henna, Amanda Gilbert, has been involved with the Beautiful You Salon for more than two years.

For more information on Happy Henna, visit

The Crowns of Courage project will be an ArtPrize 2017 installation, located at DeVos Place. Crowns of Courage contributors include the following:

– Photographer: Dave Burgess; Studio 616 Photography

– Makeup Artists: Jessica Renusson and Tara Pennington

– Steve Stone: henna crown art contributor.


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