Bachelor in Paradise finale recap: where are they now?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Last night was a the highly anticipated and explosive season finale of “Bachelor in Paradise”. The only thing the couples knew going into it is that it was their last day in Paradise… unless, as host Chris Harrison explained, they decide, after some tough conversations, that the potential for love in their relationship was real enough for an overnight date in Paradise. Their other choices were either to leave together and explore their relationship outside of Paradise, or to just go their separate ways.

So… what happened?

Taylor and Derek


From the moment Derek walked through the doors of paradise, Taylor’s experience completely turned around. The two stayed strong through the drama and temptations, and found themselves just as giddy about each other at the end of paradise.

The couple decided to forgo their individual rooms and spend a night (off-camera) in the fantasy suite. Though this came as no surprise, Derek had something up his sleeve for later.

…a ring!

Is this real life? 🌹❤️💋 #DerTay

A post shared by Taylor Nolan (@taymocha) on

In the live portion of the show, Derek got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life.

Taylor said in another Instagram post, “Safe to say I found my paradise”. The two are the next Jade and Tanner, and we can’t wait for wedding bells and baby announcements.

Raven and Adam


Adam and Raven, who couldn’t quite call themselves a couple at the time, decided to turn the page on their relationship into something more serious.

Though Raven was incredibly hesitant (since the last fantasy suite didn’t end up as planned) she accepted the offer to the fantasy suite.

In the morning she said to Adam, “I can’t ever see myself fighting with you.”

In the live portion of the show, the two cuddled up nice and close, giving America a deep sigh of relief.

How cute are they?

Adam and Raven said that they were indeed “in love” and that they are making the relationship work out of paradise.

Barbie and Ken… I mean, Amanda and Robby


Amanda pulled the plug on the relationship, leaving Robby (and herself) in tears.

She said on the beach, “This might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

…but did they really split?

During the live shot, Amanda admitted that once the show officially ended, she regretted her decision of leaving Robby in paradise.

The two dated for a couple months as “girlfriend” / “boyfriend”, but the relationship was anything but smooth. Rumored cheating scandals arose, leaving Robby in the hot seat.

The twins, who are some of Amanda’s best friends, continued to accuse Robby of making out with someone during a “business trip” in Colorado. Robby continued to deny these allegations, and after the show retweeted a fan’s tweet that read “I believe @RobbyHHayes. Never trust a woman who leaves her kids to find a man. Nope. #BachelorinParadise”.

Then, Amanda did this…

And all we have to say is, you go girl. Guess that case is solved.

Dominique and Diggy… and Jaimi


Another fool for love, Diggy, is probably regretting his decision when he broke up with Dominique in order to pursue Jaimi, who, it turned out, is not at all interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

Sorry, Diggy. See you next season!

Lacey and Daniel


What seemed like the perfect, weird, inappropriate match… ended up in an epic fail. Lacey had totally fallen for Daniel, and Daniel said he was “falling” for her as well.

The two decided to spend alone time in the fantasy suite, which, we found out later, did not go so well.

Daniel admitted off camera that he was not actually falling for Lacey, and that he lied.

Talk about an awkward situation.

Christen and Jack Stone


Things don’t go quite as smoothly for one lovesick lad, who wants what this season’s “shining couple on a hill” seems to have. But when he proposes to his marriageable maiden that they, out of respect for her virginity, forgo the fantasy suite in favor of walking out of Paradise hand in hand, she freaks. Since she sees them more as acquaintances than as a couple, not only are they not on the same page, but they may not even be in the same book.

D-Lo and Dean… and Kristina… again?


Grab your popcorn, because this got REAL last night.

Tortured two-timer, Dean, who caused Kristina to leave in tears, ended up telling D-Lo that he made a huge mistake choosing her. She left heartbroken, while Dean left seeking a second chance with the girl he claims love.

…but does he really “love” her?


In the live shot, Dean was put on the hot seat when D-Lo called him out for calling her an hour after the show ended.

America quickly realized Dean was all talk. The man… or should we say boy… was STILL flip flopping between the two!



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