Goodbye mascara! Fast fix for lush lashes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)  Let’s get up close and personal.

The lash craze is in full force, so I decided to do a little experimenting for myself. Referred to by our WOTV 4 Women Beauty Expert, Latesha Lipscomb, I headed to Siren and Proper to get the scoop.

Brooke Ashley was my Lash Artist. I was a bit nervous, being my first time, but she was a total doll – helping me feel calm and confident. Plus, having someone easy to talk to is key with these extended appointments. I’m telling you, time flew by! Book her, ladies!

Besides chatting about our families, our love lives (or lack there of), and our careers, I asked a few common questions women have when it comes to lash extensions…

Will they damage my real eyelashes?

Brooke says: No!

Think about how much mascara you put on every morning before work. If you’re anything like me, it’s a lot. I love my lashes looking lengthy and full. Unfortunately, that build up of mascara can really wear your lashes down.

Lash extensions take away the need for eye makeup. Therefore, if applied correctly, fake lashes can actually help your real ones – giving them time to grow and heal.

I chose the Partial Set!

Siren and Proper’s mission is to embrace sexy, simplicity, and timeless beauty. Safe to say, I totally felt beautiful! Once completed, I looked in the mirror and gave Brooke a huge hug. You can’t put a price on feeling fierce; and, if for only for that moment, I was the Tyra Banks.

(Avoid what seems to be a hair in my eye)

For more information and price listing head to Also, follow the lovely Brooke Ashley on Instagram to see her work: @lashlady.brookashley

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