Back to School fun at Great Lakes Crossings

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Over 65,000 kids participated in the summer reading club and Cole was drawn as the grand prize winner which included an overnight stay in a hotel on the Great Lakes Crossings property, tickets to Sea Life and LegoLand, a gift card to Rainforest Café, and a $400 shopping spree at Great Lakes Crossings. Maranda caught up with Cole and his family as they celebrated.

With over 185 stores, Great Lakes Crossings is the one stop shop for back to school shopping. Maranda chats with Melissa Morang about this year’s trends showcased in a mini-fashion show. The models also give their best back to school tips for kids entering the grades they just finished.

“MEX” is the newest restaurant at Great Lakes Crossings specializing in Mexican cuisine. Maranda gets hands-on with Chef Steve Crawford to make their famous guacamole.

As kids head back to school, college students are also moving into their dorms. Maranda chats with Melissa about some of the best “back to dorm” supplies to make moving to school a seamless transition.

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