Boy Band winners announced… “In Real Life” now on iTunes

Credit: ABC Boy Band Top 8 awaiting the announcement

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- ABC’s hit show, Boy Band, came to end last night in an epic episode that revealed America’s choice for the 5 members of the new band, “In Real Life”.  The stage was lit up with live performances by the celebrity judges including, The Backstreet Boys.  Nic Carter got the chance to show his stuff and the ladies were loving it!

Throughout the show the five members of the band were revealed.  You could see the anticipation on each of their faces with their hearts nearly pounding out of their chests.

So here are the five boys who will be part of “In Real Life”.

Credit: ABC ANET
Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC


Want to hear the new single?!  It’s already available on iTunes.

Check out: “Eyes Closed”



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