Rockford’s Roguewood Elementary says, “bienvenido” to School News Network

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – If you want to look into what is going on in schools around West Michigan, there is a tool that gives you the inside scoop. That online website is School News Network covers 20 Kent ISD public school districts and depicts what the education process is all about. One topic focused on recently is Spanish immersion.

Dr. Mike Schibler joined Maranda in studio to discuss the Spanish Immersion Program at Rockford Public Schools. He said the program is so popular they can’t invite people from outside the district to take part, since so many students inside the district are interested in the program. In fact, by the time students reach the 3rd grade, they are fluent in Spanish.

Maranda visited Roguewood Elementary School in Rockford to talk to students about their experience in the Spanish immersion program.

Watch the video to see the innovative learning techniques taking place at a school in our community.

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