Tired of trying lipstick after lipstick? LipSense Liquid Lip Color is your saving grace

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Are you tired of trying lipstick after lipstick and the color just never seems to last? Well LipSense Liquid Lip Color offers a unique solution to your problem. I had seen this product around, and always wondered whether or not it truly works. Then, the stars aligned and enter… Pixie Pouts by Jodi Peterson. She is a distributor (#295357) and sent me a fantastic shade called Bu-Red for me to try. I was ecstatic!

LipSense makes sense. Period. It’s a waterproof lip color that does not smear or smudge. This product will not dry out your lips and actually works to restore the moisture content. It’s non conventional, versatile, can be mixed with other colors to create your own unique shade and…drumroll please… the color will stay up to 18 hours. They retail for LipSense is about $25.00 and provide a great return on investment – it only takes small amount of product to get gorgeous results.

As an added bonus, the brand also offers a LinerSense and a LipSense Gloss for the very moment that you fall in love with their product line.

Because LipSense is like the mother of all lip stains, you can and should also invest in an Ooops! Remover Tube. It is especially “formulated to gently remove the patented, long lasting color technology of LipSense”. It contains the perfect combination of ingredients that will both protect your skin while lifting the color.

LipSense truly works and has over 30 shades for you to consider. It is a non-wax liquid lipstick that provides a natural shield from the sun and lasts all day. For long lasting lip colors and cosmetic options, contact Jodi at pixiepouts@gmail.com. But make it quick, she’s a West Michigan woman on the move and you need to grab yourself a few summer LipSense shades before we kiss them goodbye!

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