Experience yin yoga for a summer cool down

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Warm summer months are a wonderful time to explore Yin Yoga. Unlike faster movement based Yoga practices, Yin is both cooling and nourishing to both body and mind.

A lovely pose for many is child’s pose which can be held Yin style on its own, OR with a little twist.

Starting on hands and knees open knees wide and keep toes towards center. Lower your hips back to your heels and thread your right arm under the left.  Lower your head and outer right shoulder to the ground and remain here for several minutes with relaxed breath.  Repeat on left side. If hips do not reach heels you can place a pillow or rolled blanket under you.  Same for shoulder and head if needed.

After completing this sequence take a couple round of cat cow to rejuvenate the spine.

Voila! Yoga magic.

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