Walk the Zoo 2017 video highlights

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Dozens of families joined Maranda and Priority Health for a fun event on August 17. John Ball Zoo opened its gates early for the “Walk the Zoo” event. For just $5, each person got to walk through the zoo with Maranda, taking part in activities along the way with Priority Health. At the end of the walk, everyone enjoyed a breakfast from and was able to stay and play at the zoo all day! Kids got a chance to see some of the animals eating breakfast and getting a start to their day.

Priority Health says this is a great way to get families up and moving. They are committed to improving the health and lives of the community and this is a fun way to do that.

Wyatt the new red panda was a hit with all the kids and their parents. Families also got a chance to see some animals up close and personal, a great way to learn about their habits and what makes the animals unique.

Families got a chance to sit down to a special breakfast. This year the team at Kentwood Public Schools helped families kick off their day with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Milk Means More showed up to help make smoothies and spread the word about the importance of breakfast.

Visitors got their first chance to meet the newest resident of the John Ball Zoo: Wyatt the red panda. People interested in meeting Wyatt can visit John Ball Zoo whenever it is open until Dec. 2. Wyatt’s exhibit is located in the Forest Realm at the top of the waterfall.

The red panda came to Grand Rapids from the Chattanooga Zoo in Tennessee.

Red pandas are considered an endangered animal, with less than 10,000 remaining in the wild. In captivity, the animal has a lifespan of 13-15 years.

Although the habitat at the John Ball Zoo is designed to house more than one, red pandas are primarily a solitary species.

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