5 ways to get your toddler prepped for pre-school

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- My daughter is getting ready to start pre-school and couldn’t  be more excited.  For two years she has rode along as we dropped her older brother off for school, looking longingly out the window and pointing at the cute backpacks that walked by in front of the school.  Now it’s finally going to be her turn.

As a parent of two I have a much better idea of what to expect for sending a child off to pre-school for the first time so I thought I would share some tried and true ideas to make your child’s first day away a success!

5 pre-school preps

1. Start the routine early.  Getting into a school year routine takes time.  If your child has been enjoying the summer evenings it’s time to start working on getting back into your school year routine.  Dial their bedtime back a little bit each night (5-10 minutes) until you successfully get them sleeping on time.

Boy sleeping in bed
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2. Read to them about the first day of school.  Find a few kids book about starting school and talk to them about things they may worry about.  Address any fears and talk about the fun they will have meeting new friends.

List of suggested books to read

Mom and daughter share bedtime story

3. Take them shopping. There is nothing more fun than choosing school supplies with your favorite characters!  Let your toddler get excited about a new backpack, lunchbox or folder.

Credit: Carly Munoz

4. Mark your calendar for the pre-school meet and greet. When you get a note home make sure to make time for the school meet and greet.  This a great time to take your child to their school, explore their classroom, meet the teacher and bump into a few new friends.  Show them how the first day will go so they feel comfortable with the new routine before it happens.

5. Role play.  Try playing school at home so your child knows what to expect.  You be the teacher and they can be the student.  Talk about raising your hand, playing nice with friends and following directions.

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