6 ways to host a killer garage sale (and make more money!)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Hosting a garage sale is a great way to make extra cash and help you get rid of all the extra “stuff” filling up your closets.  If you’ve got kids then you already know, you’ve got plenty of “stuff” to sell.  Getting organized is usually the hardest part and finding clever ways to display your goods can get tricky.  We’ve got some fun ideas to make your sale stand out and help you bring in more cash.

1. Stand out with your signage

A few key points to remember about your signage is keep it simple. A large poster board with “Garage Sale” and an arrow usually does the trick!  Trying to cram too much information into one small sign can make it hard to read.  If you want to really stand out try using clever catch phrases like, “Our junk- Your Trunk” or “Classy crap this way!”.

garage sale sign

2. Use hangers

If you’ve got tons of kids clothes to sell make it easy for people to look by putting as many items on hangers as possible.  Then separate into boys and girls and put them in size order.  You can also layer up outfits to make them look cuter and mark these items up.  If they’re hanging, people will assume they are your nicest items and they will pay a premium to get the best stuff.

 garage sale tents

3. Use tent canopies for your hanging items.  They are a great way to display your items and provide shade for shoppers.  If they’re in the shade they may shop longer.

Large canopy tents will draw attention to your sale from the street and add a wow factor.  Shoppers won’t be able to resist seeing what all the fuss is about when they drive by and see your yard packed with tents and tables.

yard sale display

4. Bundle like items to sell more

When it comes to things like bibs, baby socks, onsies and winter hats/mittens use Ziplock bags to create bundle deals.  Stuff each bag with like items/sizes and price the whole bag.  You’ll get rid of more and make more money off of these smaller items.

yard sale baby socks

5. Pricing guide

If you’re busting at the seams with kids clothing don’t price each piece.  Create pricing guides and place them around the sale.  This will save you tons of time!

yard sale

6. Team up!

Ask your neighbors if they are hosting sales and plan them for the same weekend.  This way you can advertise on Craiglist and social media that you’re having a neighborhood sale and draw more traffic.

garage sale 3.0

 More great garage sale advice from our Facebook friends!

Dana Coates: “Clean and organized!! Nothing worse than things all dirty and gross. Clearly labeled items; no guessing how much things are. I use cut masking tape for price labels. Tablecloths on the tables especially for clothing looks nice. Hang items if possible. Create ‘sections’ – kitchen, clothing, etc.”

“A chair for people to use to try on shoes & a mirror to see how clothes look. Plenty of lighting to see. GOOD signs clearly marked with where to go and balloons/streamers at the site. “

“Also – when people have their hands full of items – ask to set it aside for them. Then they buy more! 🙂. Help but don’t be overbearing. A checkout table helps too. “


Catherine A. Selles:  “Put your dog in the house! He may be cute but a lot of people are scared of dogs! If I see a sale with the owners dog wandering around I won’t stop. I love dogs, but don’t want slobber all over me .”


Callie Williams:  “Make sure EVERYTHING is CLEAN! machine wash necessary items & wipe clean others….”


Patricia Miller:  “Set up pieces like a store, put things together like it should all be bought together.”


Julie Ann “Prices! I hate over priced waste of time garage sales. And people who don’t price anything, so you have to keep asking,’ how much for this’! I leave those sales shaking my head….And I’m not buying your stain, broken zipper, missing piece stuff either!  Throw it out!”


Lou Meeth Worden: “Always go retrieve your signs after the sale so they don’t become litter!”


April Astrauskas: “Make sure u have plenty of change to start with. Also don’t accept checks unless you know the person!”


Patty Currie: “Price things reasonably to move! Organize by kitchen stuff, decorative, linens etc. Women like this!”


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