The Bachelorette week 7: the most uncomfortable hometown date in Bachelor history

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) You never know what you’re going to get when you bring a man home for the first time… especially on The Bachelorette.

Looking back at past hometowns, none even begin to compare to how intense Dean’s was week 7. I mean, wow. He was so upset it almost wiped that goofy smile off his face.

Anyways, where were we?

Rachel traveled to the hometowns of Eric, Bryan, Peter, and Dean. She then flew the men back to her hometown in Dallas, where she made the painful decision to send one packing.

Who went home:

Dean did not receive a rose. I know, I’m crying too. Rachel expressed how she didn’t know if his confession of love was genuine, or due to circumstance.

Safe to say, viewers were shocked!

In the limo, Dean said he was blindsided and wished Rachel wouldn’t have said “I’m falling for you, too” if she didn’t mean it.

Dean for the next Bachelor? A girl can only hope.

Hometown madness:

First off, Eric.

Something that I love about Eric is how genuinely happy he is about Rachel and how excited he is about this experience. It’s like every time he sees her he’s jumping for joy. There’s something so special about someone who can be 100% their self… especially with the pressure of national television.

On his hometown date, Eric walked Rachel through Baltimore – the good parts and the bad. He brought her to the basketball court he used to escape to, and opened up about his past.

Rachel got along well with the family, and pushed Eric to have those difficult conversations with his parents.

Despite the huge emotional breakthroughs, Eric still couldn’t work up the guts to tell Rachel he loved her (which is quite clear to all of us).

Second was Bryan.

Next was Bryan. Is it just me or does this chiropractor rub you the wrong way? He’s a little too smooth for my liking… and don’t even get me started on their kissing.

Nonetheless, Rachel is googly eyed over him, stating he’s almost “too good to be true”.

On the date, Bryan showed Rachel some of his Spanish heritage by taking her to a bar with salsa dancing. There, they also tried some spicy wraps.

Although, it doesn’t take a spicy chicken wrap to heat up this relationship. Rachel and Bryan, like every time they see each other, couldn’t take their hands off each other.

Fast forward, things got a little weird when we met Bryan’s mom.

Just like Rachel calls Bryan “baby”, so did she. His mom also said countless times that he was the love of her life, and even went as far as threatening Rachel.

After saying “If you hurt Bryan, I will kill you”, Rachel awkwardly laughed it off and quickly tried to switch topics.

At the end of the night, Bryan admitted he was in love with Rachel.

Third went to Peter.

Peter, Peter, Peter… what are we to do with you? The man continues to steal our hearts, while simultaneously scaring the crap out of Rachel.

In Wisconsin, Peter surprised Rachel by meeting up with some of his best friends. His friends slipped that Peter is apparently goofy… corny even… and America was in awe. When will we see this side of him? Who knew it was possible to love him more?

When Peter had “man time” with the guys, he admitted that getting on one knee doesn’t seem realistic to him. He said that he sees great things with Rachel, and he’s definitely beginning to fall for her, but he doesn’t know her enough outside of the TV show.

Saddened by how practical this dream boat is, I also get it. Who wouldn’t have trouble with that? Although, his realism probably won’t work for a girl hoping to get engaged in a few short weeks.

Peter also introduced Rachel to his family, where she was blown away with how great he was with his niece.

When asked if Peter would be ready to get down on one knee, his mom said she didn’t think so, but that he’d be ready for a “commitment”.

Finished with Dean.

And then there was Dean. I have no words for Dean’s hometown date. The poor guy was dragged to his dad’s house/shack where we were introduced to his family who he hadn’t seen or talked to in 8 years.

About 10 years ago, Dean’s mother passed away, which caused a huge family divide. His dad abandoned him in his time of need, and found a new religion and new wife.

What used to be a very traditional modern family, turned into a household of gong-playing and cooking with mung beans.

It was clear that Dean’s father had never taken the time to deal & heal with his wife’s passing, throwing him into a mid-life crisis.

The cultural change would all be okay if Dean still had his dad, but his dad took zero responsibility for the fact that his son felt forgotten.

He refused to talk, denied Dean’s feelings, and basically said the reunion was a “huge mistake”.

While Dean cried on the ground, Rachel came to comfort him. They had a moment, and Dean said he was falling in love with her. She even said it back.

Fast forward, and Dean is sent home.

America’s heart broke last night, and I think we’re all longing for Dean to find love on the next season of The Bachelor.

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