On a conquest to live simply and beautifully, West Mich. artist Shelby Kregel hits the road

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) About a year ago, a West Michigan artist’s art began getting featured worldwide… on a cup!

Shelby Kregel works at Starbucks and was urged by her boss to enter a contest through Starbucks to design their paper cups. Shelby entered at the last minute. Starbucks loved her design, but said it was too vibrant for the paper cups, so they decided to put her art on a ceramic cup and sell it worldwide.

>>> Check out her website, here!

Shelby used watercolor to paint a worldwide map. She says she was inspired by her love of travel and tradition of painting watercolor with her grandmother.

In a few short weeks, Shelby, her husband Tyler, and their baby are moving their life into a small school bus and hitting the road. On a conquest to live simply and beautifully, their family has booked art shows nationwide and plan to share Shelby’s talents with all the new, lovely people they’ll meet.

Why they do what they do…

“So many answers to this question. I’ve worded it different to everyone. Its the culmination of years of pondering, moments of impact, life dreaming, and whimsical thinking. To say we are doing this because of one thing, would cause you to miss it. To start, we love the outdoors and there are too many beautiful people and places and simply not enough time to fully explore them.  So, staying in one place, would be missing out on all that is out there.” Read more, here.

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