The Bachelorette week 6: and then there were four

CREDIT: The Bachelorette Twitter

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – This week, Rachel and the six remaining men headed to Geneva, Switzerland, knowing what was coming next…. those crucial hometown dates. Rachel announced there would be no rose ceremony this week, and instead she would have 3 one-on-ones and 1 three-on-one.

Who went home?

Following the three-on-one date, Rachel sent two men packing including Adam, the real estate agent from Texas, and Matt, a construction sales rep from Connecticut.

Matt was disappointed about the results but was a gentleman about leaving. Meanwhile, Adam shows a little more emotion exclaiming that he doesn’t understand how this could’ve happened.

First 1 on 1: Bryan

Bryan was ecstatic when he found out what Rachel had planned for the day. Bryan spent the first half of the date driving Rachel around in a Bentley around town. Things got even more luxurious when she took him to a fancy watch store and bought him a watch.They then spent the rest of their night kissing and talking in a fairy tale settings including a boat, a park brimming with flowers, and a private ballroom decorated with candles.

Bryan confessed to Rachel that the last time he introduced a woman to his family, the relationship ended shortly after. He assured Rachel his family would love her, and she seemed to be excited over the thought.

“I was on cloud nine after my last date with you, and I’m going higher. I have to come and meet your family.”Rachel mentioned.

She then gave him the date rose, and they happily watched the live band play for them.

Second 1 on 1: Dean

Dean appeared more nervous than normal before last night’s date even began. Things started off awkward between Rachel and Dean when they started their date with a hug, then didn’t get much better from there. Instead of driving around in a Bentley and being spoiled with expensive gifts, Dean went to Catholic mass with Rachel, which was conducted in French. Neither of them speak French… Rachel tried to get the conversation going by mentioning that she volunteered a lot at her church, but Dean didn’t have much to say to that.

Later, Dean asked if she believed in the Tooth Fairy and what her favorite dinosaur was. Maybe his young age of 25 is starting to show through… Later in a voice over, Dean explained that he had a lot of “internal conflict” about the hometown date coming up and said he felt like a “black sheep” because his family was less than perfect.

Finally, after Rachel called him out on being weird, he admitted that ever since his mother died a decade ago, he’d had a strained and difficult relationship with his father. Dean confessed, “My concern is that you would judge my family into what our potential family could be.”

Rachel assured him she wouldn’t and gave him a rose.

Third 1 on 1: Peter

Back to more glamorous dates, Peter and Rachel saw the Swiss Alps from a helicopter, and went dog sledding at the top of Glacier 3000. He told Rachel that the process had been hard for him, especially not being able to ask questions or get answers from her when he knew she was out with other guys. Though he was feeling unsure back at the hotel about the process, once he was with Rachel, things seemed to pick up right where they’d left off.

He admitted that he’d never dated a black girl before, but assured Rachel that his parents would be supportive of any woman he brought home. He also told Rachel that at the end of the process, if he didn’t feel proposing was right, he wouldn’t do it. Rachel confessed that made her nervous, but she decided to give him a rose anyway and take her chances.

At the end of the night, Rachel shared she could see Peter’s hometown being her hometown.

Three-on-one: Adam, Eric, and Matt

Matt started the day by pouring his heart out to Rachel, who immediately started to cry. After telling him that he reminded her of herself, she broke the news that other relationships had progressed faster than theirs and she was sending him home.

Eric went all out during his time with Rachel, explaining that he’d had a tough upbringing and the reason that he was motivated to help others was because no one had ever helped him.

Rachel was a little set back to learn that Eric had never brought a girl home, but in general she seemed impressed and satisfied with their conversation.

Then came Adam, who was confident he had a spot for the final hometown dates. Though Rachel said she was impressed that Adam had made good use of every “single second” they’d had together, it ultimately wasn’t enough and she ended up sending him home.

Looking back on the last four dates, Rachel said she was “honored” that the guys had shown so much emotion… The real test will be if she still feels that way once meeting the families!

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