DIY breakfast cereal station kids will love

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- I’m a Pinterest kind of mom.  That’s where I get my best stuff to make me look super creative and crafty!  Recently I saw this super cute idea for a kids breakfast station to help teach kids responsibility.  I loved it and had to try it.

DIY kids cereal station

-Plastic bowls with lids


-Tea jug



Step 1

Fill bowls about halfway with cereal and secure lids.  Clear out a shelf that your kids can reach and stock it with the pre-filled cereal bowls and a container with kids spoons.

Step 2

Next pour a gallon of milk into your tea jug.  You may need to rearrange your fridge to make it fit on a kid-friendly shelf.  I was able to get mine to fit by removing the lid and securing it with Press and Seal instead!  Worked like a charm.

Step 3

Show your kids how it’s done!  Your child may be surprised that they are allowed to do it themselves at first.  Walk them through the simple process and then encourage them to find their independence.

Check out my kids food Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration!