The Bachelorette week 2: secret girlfriends and surprise guests


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Week 2 of The Bachelorette felt like a roller coaster; a twisty, scary one that once it stops, you’re not sure whether to be proud of what you’ve accomplished or develop a irrational fear of theme parks.

These men put Rachel through the ringer… starting with a WHABOOM.

Group date #1

Surprise! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis proudly led the first group date. The power couple created a “husband material” obstacle course, which entailed baby wiping, vacuuming, and pulling hair out of the drain.

It was all fun and games, until Lucas (aka Whaboom) stiff-armed Kenny out of the way in order to win. Shortly after, Lucas threw the fake baby to the ground like a touch down, proving himself not so husband material.

Safe to say Ashton, Mila… and Rachel were not feeling the whaboom.

Drama alert! Blake took his one on one time with Rachel to talk about Whaboom. Bad move, Blake. No one likes a tattle tale. As we’ve learned from previous seasons, the minute you start talking about the other guys, the minute you’re friend-zoned.

GROUP DATE ROSE: The group date rose ended up going to Dean. The men were boring Rachel, until Dean came along. He made her laugh, and he even got a kiss (which made his lips BRIGHT red). Rachel and Dean’s connection is cute, fresh, and fun. More to come from him, for sure.

1 on 1: Peter

Amanda Stanton agreed with us – Peter and Rachel for the win! The two went up in a plane (classic Bachelor move, am I right?), and headed to a dog resort. We don’t know who was spoiled more, Rachel’s dog Copper? Or Peter?

At dinner, the two laughed over their similar gaps in their teeth, which was entirely precious. Peter also shared his past heartbreak and how excited he is to be on this journey with Rachel.

After explaining how she’s old fashioned and likes the man to make the first move, Rachel did NOT hold back with Peter. She went in for the kill, and they shared a lovely kiss under the fireworks.

This handsome man is the front runner to watch out for.


Group date #2

We’re playing bask-et-ballllll (sing it with me)!

Rachel was really feeling DeMaurio, until his ex girlfriend came to the court. The two hadn’t officially cut it off before beginning The Bachelorette, and the ex had texts to prove it. Rachel gave DeMaurio time and time again to explain himself, but the stories weren’t lining up. Finally, Rachel aggressively kicked his lying butt out of the stadium and off the show.

It was truly every scorned ex-girlfriend’s dream. Here’s what Bachelor Nation had to say about it…

GROUP DATE ROSE: The group date rose went to Josiah. He was sweet and sincere when comforting Rachel about the DeMaurio situation.

Cocktail hour

Just as things were starting to look up, an intruder entered the mansion… DeMaurio came back to save face. Maybe fight for that Bachelor in Paradise spot?

The men heard what was happening, and that’s when the show cut off. Will there be a fight? Who will be the hero? More importantly, who will run off for Rachel’s rescue?

Watch Monday on My ABC WOTV 4 to find out who will be eliminated next!

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