Couple shares joy and heartbreak; blended family of 15

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Children don’t ask to be born. They come to life dependent on the grace and guidance of adults. So when adults make poor choices and neglect the most basic responsibilities toward our youth, we must pick up the mantle and provide what they need, to set all children on a path toward a healthy, productive life, supported by community and connected to others.

Some 2,500 children in Michigan yearn for their “forever family” right now.

The Przybylski family is made up of biological, adopted, and foster care children. They went to Samaritas to get connected with kids through their foster care system to adopt medically fragile children. Watch the touching video above to learn more.

How you can help

  1. Find out how you can become an adoptive parent:
  2. Find out how you can become a foster parent:
  3. Send kids to camp:

Send a kid to camp:

Every child deserves the chance to feel like a normal kid — and YOU can make that happen. Samaritas’ goal is to send 60 kids to Camp Stony Lake in July through the “Foster Kids to Camp” program, and we’d like you to con-sider sponsoring one or more of them. For just $550 you can send one child to camp for five days. This amount covers their tuition, meals, transportation, a T-shirt and an account in the camp canteen where they can purchase small treats. It also covers the cost of the camping supplies these kids don’t have like a sleeping bag, pillow, swimsuit, duffle bag, flashlight and toiletries. July is quickly approaching and we need your help today to make sure 60 kids will be able to experience summer camp with their siblings and community. Will you please join Samaritas to make this possible? Your gift of $550 today will bring together siblings separated by foster care and provide a life changing summer camp experience.

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