“Applebee’s Teacher of the Year” winners announced

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Five winners were awarded an “Applebee’s Teacher of the Year” certificate and a prize package that includes $100 in Applebee’s Gift Cards, $100 in Visa Gift Cards and other surprises, all totaling $400 in value. All teachers within the school districts that TSFR and its Applebee’s operate were eligible to win.

>>> See video above to watch the winner from Bowen Elementary School find out she was Teacher of the Year! Below are our other winners.

Mrs. Amber Nasson from Ludington High School

  • “This teacher is the most kind-hearted, caring individual I have ever met in my life.  She never lets a kid fall behind, she’s unafraid to ask you if you’re alright and she genuinely cares about your response”

Mrs. Amber Thoelcke from Wixom Christian in Wixom

  • “This leader touches hearts and teaches so that years later children still recall with delight their phenomenal year with her”

Mr. Brian Wenzell from Beaumont Elementary in Waterford

  • “My daughter was very shy and unsure of school when she started kindergarten and we got a double winner with her teacher- because of him, she LOVES school now and has come out of her shell”

Mrs. Sue Lottes from St. Gerard’s Catholic in Lansing

  • “My son was in tears most nights because he was so frustrated with himself… we didn’t know how to help him understand, and it seemed that no matter how much time we spent working at home, his frustration grew.  After a year working with this teacher every morning, he is now ahead of grade level…because of this incredible teacher”

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