WHABOOM: The Bachelorette premiere – night one front runners

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – WHABOOM! And, just like that, season 13 of The Bachelorette has begun. Feels like just yesterday we were rooting for Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall… but this is waaay more fun!

It’s Rachel’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

The show started out a little differently than normal. Typically, the featured Bachelorette is shown in her bikini, showing off her gorgeous bod. Rachel, on the other hand, was shown scoring a basket and snuggling with her dog. The brunette beauty promised to be nothing but herself – which might differ from seasons prior.

“I’m sweet… I’m also sour,” said Rachel. “I’m sassy, yet classy.”

The dress

Rachel looked BEAUTIFUL in her white, sparkly gown. One of the men mentioned she looked like a Disney Princess.

Limo time

When it came to “limo time”, we applauded Rachel for holding her tongue and never making conversation awkward. You could definitely tell how smart our girl was.

There was a vacuum guy, a puppet guy, a marching band guy, a penguin guy, a tickle monster, and a guy who couldn’t stop talking about his… well… you know.

Rachel certainly saw it all.

Top 5 men to watch in season 13

Besides a couple exceptions, she’s looking at a group of incredibly funny, smart, and handsome men. Who are the one’s to watch this season?

Peter – 31 – Business Owner

Clearly, Peter is easy on the eyes. The man was the best dressed in the room, and totally swooned Rachel. Their conversation seemed to flow with no problem.

Bryan – 37 – Chiropractor

Bryan is obviously high on the leader board right now. The Spanish hottie received the first impression rose, and the first real kiss of the season. It got spicy FAST! Rachel admitted she did not want to kiss anyone night one, but was not mad at all about the make out.

Diggy – 31 – Senior Inventory Analyst

Quirky and cute – Diggy had an honest and heartwarming conversation with Rachel on night one. We could see his funky fresh self going places!

Dean – 26 – Startup Recruiter

Dean is cute, young, and funny. He had a nice moment with Rachel building a sand castle. We also saw him in the promo following the show, so he has to make it pretty far, right?

Fred – 27 – Executive Assistant 

Rachel was Fred’s camp counselor… this could either be cute or creepy. Stay tuned.

Who went home

Grant, Kyle, Blake K, Milton (who just wanted to wear his cool new clothes), Mohit, Rob, and Jedidiah.

Watch and join

Watch all-new episodes of The Bachelorette MONDAYS 8|7c on My ABC WOTV 4. Join the conversation by using the hash tags #MyABCWOTV4 and #TheBachelorette, and play with us in our fantasy league!

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